Monday Motivation Outfit of the Day

Classic, stylish and comfortable…It’s the perfect solution to that feeling of not wanting get out of your comfortable pajamas or “lounge wear” but you got a busy day ahead of you and you know you would feel more motivated if you just got dressed! Continue reading Monday Motivation Outfit of the Day

My Preloved Outfit of the Day

This outfit was mostly thrifted except for the Louis Vuitton handbag which I borrowed and the belt and boots are from my closet. The entire outfit came in well under $75. What I love about this outfit, aside from the fact I bought most of the items second hand, is how versatile and comfortable it is. It’s a great travel outfit because all the pieces are made of breathable, soft fabrics. The dress(yes the skirt is actually a dress) is a neutral shade so it goes with almost anything and can be worn multiple times. Just switch out the top … Continue reading My Preloved Outfit of the Day