Easy Plant-Based Breakfast Recipe

Fresh food is abundant in the summer season. That’s why it is the perfect season to start living a plant-based lifestyle. Not a lot of thinking or planning is involved. Just head to your nearest farmer’s market or grocery store and load up on all things fresh. It’s so easy to live a plant-based lifestyle. This recipe is made up of mostly fresh ingredients and plant-based foods. So yummy, healthy, easy-to-make, fresh and satisfying. IngredientsWasa multi-grain crisp bread365 organic peanut butterOrganic berries of your choice The berries I chose for this recipe are:strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. I paired this … Continue reading Easy Plant-Based Breakfast Recipe

Summer Floral Tote Bag

Featured at Fab_u on Poshmark This gorgeous, large, Dana Buckman Tote Bag screams summer with its beautiful, colorful, floral design!So much room and so many pockets!It’s the perfect work tote, or just an everyday bag. Approximate measurements Width: 16” at opening 12” at baseHeight: 10”Depth: 5.5” This is bag is in great condition, like new It’s available for purchase at Fab_u on PoshmarkShop the Poshmark app and join with code FAB_U for a $10 credit! Working toward a more sustainable future in fashion by selling gently loved apparel. Continue reading Summer Floral Tote Bag