Relax and Give Thanks

The past few months have been so crazy, busy that I didn’t allow myself the time to Relax and Give Thanks.
Expressing gratitude can be done the moment you wake up. Before you even let your feet touch the ground, start by saying “thank you for a new day”, “thank you for breath”, and then get out of bed and look around at all that you have to be thankful for and express it. Continue reading Relax and Give Thanks

Styles Tips For Petites

This is from one of my favorite fashion blogs, Chriselle. I love the photography and of course, the fashion. So for all you petite women who need some fashion advice. Here you go. I know plenty of petite girls who struggle to find clothing that not only fit them, but that looks good. In today’s episode of Styled by Chriselle, I’m styling my girl Idalia. She might be tiny but she’s got BIG style. via Style Tips for Petite Girls — The Chriselle Factor Continue reading Styles Tips For Petites