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Welcome To A Plus Attitudes

A Plus Attitudes is all about loving life. It’s about inspiring, motivating, challenging, rejoicing and sharing our life experiences with anyone who feels they need an attitude adjustment, a rejuvenated spirit or just wants to join in on the fun.

At A Plus Attitudes we are passionate about living a happy, healthy, fit lifestyle.


Plant-Based Diet = Good Health + Healthy Earth

Good health is just as important as a healthy attitude. In fact they complement each other. Think of times when you were not feeling well. How was your emotional state? Our health can affect our emotions and attitude. What we eat not only has a profound impact on our bodies, but it also impacts our emotional well being and the well being of our planet.

I recently learned that a plant-based(vegan) diet can do more for our health and the health of the earth than many of the prescription drugs, certain surgeries and buying a hybrid car like a Prius. Imagine that. Eating a plant based or vegan diet will make you healthier and it will benefit the earth as well. Just knowing that a small change in my diet can make such a big change to my health and planet earth puts me in a good mood.

The supporting evidence is enough that I lean more toward a vegan diet than a vegetarian one. I would be Vegan 100%, but I do eat eggs, use honey in my tea and occasionally I will allow myself to have a piece of pizza when I’m dining with my family, but even then I pick off most if not all of the cheese  before I eat it. I have gotten to the point that when I look at cheeses and meats, I see clogged/hardened arteries.

So for your health and the health of our planet, please consider shifting your diet to a human-friendly, animal-friendly, earthy-friendly, plant-based diet.  Together we can help save our planet, be kind to all living things and extend our life span as well so that we can enjoy this beautiful planet earth.

Below is a list of some books I have read advocating a plant-based diet.

Books on Plant Based -Vegan Diet

  1. Veganist by Kathy Freston
  2. Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman, M.D.
  3. Senior Fitness by Ruth E. Heidrich(don’t let the title fool you)This woman is in her 70s, a breast-cancer survivor and an multiple time Iron Man competitor.
  4. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esseltyn, Jr., ;MD
  5. Healthy to 100 by John Robbins – Although plant-based diets is not the only one discussed in this book, the majority of the communities who have longevity have it because animal products are only eaten on special occasions, or the animal product that is consumed is fish.


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