Why I take my running shoes when I travel

Two things I’m passionate about, running and traveling

As most of my readers know, I love to run and try to incorporate it into my lifestyle. So, I make sure I pack a pair of running shoes and at least one running outfit whenever I travel just in case the opportunity arises for a run.

Exploring Columbus, Ohio on Foot

You ever know when you might have the opportunity to get in a run, so take your running gear with you and explore new cities on foot. That’s what I have been doing since our daughter moved to Ohio and I have been getting in lots of steps and building endurance at the same time. And, I’m learning my way around a new city too.

Photo of Columbus ohio skyline

In my last post, I mentioned my daughter started a new job in Columbus, Ohio. Fortunately Columbus is just a 3 hour drive from where I live, so I have been a frequent visitor to Columbus the last month or so between apartment searching and moving.

I have had some downtime during these visits, so I decided to make the most of it by exploring Columbus by foot.

Road trip to meet the employers and explore the city by foot

Author dressed in warm outer wear

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter was invited to meet and greet her future employer and colleagues, so I came along for the ride and to keep her company. It was a blustery, cold 19 degrees Fahrenheit day, so I made sure I dressed in plenty of layers because I was determined to get moving and exploring. We parked the car at her employer’s lot and I hit the pavement running.

I knew there was an Anthropologie about 5 miles from her work, so that was my first destination. By the time I got to Anthropologie, I had warmed up and was stripping off layers as I entered the store.

I wanted to buy a small gift for my daughter’s apartment and found some lovely dish towels. They were small enough to tuck under my arm, so I purchased them and headed to my next destination…lunch at the North Market.

Photo of drying towels from Anthropologie

The North Market is about a half mile from Anthropologie. So I jogged on over, grabbed a plate of pesto pasta from the Italian vendor and took it over to the beer and wine bar where I sat and enjoyed a craft beer with my meal. I also made sure I hydrated with some water.

Photo of inside of The North Market in Columbus, ohio
The North Market Columbus

By the time I was done dining, imbibing and conversing with the nice bartender, I checked the time and realized things would probably be wrapping up for my daughter.

Photo of city bike rentals, Valvoline sign and Condado Mexican restaurant sign

So, I bundled up once again, and headed out the door and started retracing my steps back to whence I started. While I was jogging back, my daughter contacted me to let me know she was done. At this point, I was feeling a little tired, because I hadn’t run that distance in awhile, so we agreed to meet up. I shared my location on my phone with her so she could track where I was and I jogged her way. By the time we met up, I had completed 7 miles of running and I felt great!

Antiquing and thrifting on the run

I returned to Columbus the next weekend. I made sure I had my running shoes and gear too. I arrived while my daughter was still at work on Friday, so I took the opportunity to explore the antique and thrift shops hoping to find something unique for my daughter’s apartment. I did not succeed but met some really nice store owners.

I mostly walked while shopping, but still managed to get in about 15,000 steps that day, not to mention climbing over 20 flights of stairs (I unloaded and hauled a car-full of stuff to my daughter’s apartment on the 3rd floor, no elevator) before I started my antiquing and thrifting adventure.

Saturday early to rise and a run in search of coffee and breakfast treat

I’m always the first one up in my household. So Saturday morning, I got up, threw on my running gear and headed out the door in search of a good cup of coffee and some morning breakfast treats. Sadly I returned empty handed, but at least I got in an early, 2 mile run and was back before my daughter was up.

We spent the rest of the Saturday shopping at IKEA and a few other places. I ended up clocking about 15,000 steps that day.

Sunday was a day of rest, coffee and treats

Photo of an illustration of a snow fox on a green brick wall with vines on the wall
Fox in the Snow Cafe and Bakery

Sunday was a day to take it easy. I was heading home but was still craving a good cup of coffee and some sort of breakfast treat. Once my daughter woke up. We headed to the Italian village to an amazing cafe called Fox in the Snow Cafe and Bakery. This place was amazing! The coffee was delicious and the breakfast treats were irresistible! But get there early because it fills up quickly. We arrived around 11 am and waited almost 30 minutes for our coffees, but fortunately found a place to sit while we waited.

Inside of a cafe with a few people at a counter ordering food and a menu in the background

It was a good thing I came prepared with my running gear this last visit! I think the Sunday morning treats used up the calories I burned but it was worth it just to have a nice breakfast with my daughter before I headed home. Truth be told, I ate the apple crostata on the left and took the cinnamon bun home to hubby. It was a little too much sugar for me.

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