5 Ingredients Plant-Based Chocolate Mousse

Photo of chocolate mousse in clear custard bowl with purple background

Easy 5 ingredients plant-based chocolate mousse recipe

I love all things chocolate. Although I have cut way back on my chocolate intake since my intermittent fasting, I had been making this dessert for hubby and I nightly.

Just because I cut back on my chocolate consumption, doesn’t mean the rest of you have to deprive yourselves of this delicious, nutritious dessert.

It’s such an easy recipe and only requires 5 ingredients. Actually, you could leave out one of the ingredients (the avocado) but the avocado makes it extra creamy and there are so many nutritional benefits from consuming it.

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If you make this recipe, please let me know what you think by writing in the comment section.

Thank you.

Here is the recipe in print

Plant- Based Chocolate Mousse Recipe

5 Ingredients

Serving size – 2

Ingredients needed

2-3 TBS Backing Cocoa Unsweetened
1/2 C Hot Water
2 Bananas
1/2 C Cashews
1/2 Avocado
2-3 T plant-based chocolate chips (optional)

Let’s make the mousse

Step 1 

Soak cashews in hot water for 1 hour or until soft (you can put them in a glass measuring cup and heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute and they are pretty much ready to go).

Step 2

Replace the hot water in cashews with 1/2 as much fresh water.

Step 3

Put all ingredients in a strong blender or bullet.
Blend on high until creamy and smooth.

Step 4 – Optional

Add 2-3 T plant-based chocolate chips(or as many as you want). 
Mix in with a spoon.

Step 5

Refrigerate for approximately 1 hour (or put in the freezer if you just can’t wait an hour) 😉

Step 6 

Serve and enjoy!

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