My intermittent fasting journey update

Full disclosure. I started this fasting journey before I started writing about it. I had every intention of doing daily diary and blog entries but as we all know, life happens, including my mother going to the hospital my second week into my fasting.

So that is why it’s been a while since I wrote about my intermittent fasting journey. Let me just say, I’m about 5 weeks into the intermittent fasting and I have lost around 15 lbs.

My starting weight was approximately 165 and I’m at 150 lbs. My goal is to be between 135 -140 lbs.

The first 3 weeks I was really strict with the program. I would allow myself one cheat day and alcohol only when dining out or special occasions like Easter, birthdays, anniversary, and book club…all of which happened in the moth of April…SIGH!

So, as you can probably imagine, I got a little derailed from my path in April. I did however still manage to skip breakfasts, except for a homemade, no additional sugar added mocha en lieu of coffee, and I stuck to no snacking between meals and no eating after dinner

My morning mocha

In fact, I brush and floss my teeth after dinner as a reminder to not snack. I will allow myself a cup of tea, coffee or water. The tea and coffee are black. Believe it or not, brushing my teeth really helps me stay the course in the evening.

In spite of straying some, I am pleased to say that I am seeing changes in my body. The fat around my middle and along my bra line has lessened.

I also pulled out some of my linen pants from last year and they are too big. I have to admit that was bittersweet because I loved those linen pants and last summer I curated a mostly second hand, linen, capsule wardrobe from my favorite second-hand stores. So, I will have to replace some items.

The good news is, I get to go shopping at my favorite thrift stores to replace those items. yay!

So, now that April is almost through and I don’t have as many big events coming. I should be back on track with things. I’ll try to write more often about what I’m eating and how I’m doing.

I failed to mention that I do exercise daily. I make sure I get in at least some type of physical activity. My go-to exercise choices are: yoga, walking, running and cycling. I also have a Gazelle in my basement which I use when the weather is bad and I’m just not feeling inspired to do any of the other exercise options. Also, I can stream a Netflix or Amazon show while I’m doing the Gazelle.

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