My Fasting Journey Day 1

Day 1 Dr. Pradip Jamnadas Fasting

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What I love about this fasting program aside from all the health benefits is that it eases you into your fasting. I have never tried fasting before and I’m not sure how far I will go, meaning not sure I will do a 3 day water fasting, but who knows where this path will take me?

Un-process your eating habits

To get ready for the fasting, your focus on the first week or two is to un-process your diet

Weeks I -2:  Un-process your diet

  • Eliminate all sugars
  • Eliminate all processed food and refined carbs
  • Eat mostly whole foods with emphasis on whole plants
  • Randomly skip meals. If you are not hungry, don’t eat

That’s it!  Bye, bye sugar and processed foods, hello whole foods, and skip meals when you are not hungry.

My Day 1 of week 1


30 minute yoga practice

30 minutes on my Gazelle(kind of like an elliptical but it glides instead of going in an elliptic motion).

Breakfast – skipped

I woke up and was not feeling hungry, so I skipped breakfast and had a black cup of coffee and several glasses of water. 

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Lunch 1 pm

I ate left over quinoa/brown rice pasta with olive oil, peas, basil and oregano topped with home-made vegetable soup: carrots and celery. I realize this is pasta and is somewhat processed, but I had already made the meal the day before and it is still healthy.

No food in between, just plain tea and water

Dinner 6:30 pm

Large green mixed salad 

Bed by 10 pm

The hardest part of the day is between meals

The hardest part for me is the not snacking in between. So, I kept sipping on water, tea and leftover black coffee. I also gave up having a glass of wine or splitting a beer with my husband. That is hard for me because we go out about once a week and grab a beer at a local pub and we usually split a beer or have a glass of wine with our meals.

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How I felt by the end of the day

By the end of the day I felt pretty good. I didn’t snack after dinner and didn’t really feel hungry or anxious. I also managed to make it through the day without having a headache (I think the coffee helped)

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