Warmer weather means more outdoor runs

I have been running for years and have never caved in and bought a treadmill. WHY? I love running outdoors. As long as it isn’t pouring down rain, there is no thunder or lightning, the roads are clear of ice and the temps are in double digits, I will venture outside for a run.

This past winter was not the greatest for running outdoors, so I did a lot of indoor yoga flow in place running and I walked outside when the roads or sidewalks were not clear enough from snow to run.

How I ease into my run after a winter pause

Finally we have some warmer weather so I got in 2 runs this week. I did slightly over 2 miles each run. I know it might not sound like a lot to those who run long distance, but I have been running for years and know that I have to ease into my Spring runs to avoid injuries. How I do this is by following the 10% rule. Pick one day that is my long run and only increase the run each week by 10% until I reach my desired distance. I don’t usually go much beyond 4-5 miles for my longest run.

My goal is to run as long as I’m still living and breathing and I find that 2-3 miles every other day is a good exercise routine for me. It keeps me fit, gets me outdoors and boosts my spirits! When I’m not running, I’m doing yoga, cycling, walking and sometimes using the Gazelle in my basement when I’m not motivated to do any activity.

What is your favorite workout routine?

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