December 12 – Grateful for beautiful holiday decorations

What I’m Grateful for Today is Holiday Decorations

I woke up early this morning and was wide awake, so I went downstairs, turned on the Christmas tree lights and enjoyed the beauty of the lighted, decorated tree and quiet.

I am grateful for the fact my husband took the time to decorate the Christmas tree. He did such a wonderful job, don’t you think? I love how in the dark, the lights reflect both off of the window and the floor. It’s magical!

Another reason I am grateful that hubby decorated the tree is because I was able to decorate the rest of the house. It was a team effort! We had the entire first floor looking festive within one evening and ready to receive our house guests on Thanksgiving day.

photo grid of Christmas decorations

It is so easy to find things to be grateful for, even if life doesn’t seem to be going your way. It could be as simple as sunshine, fresh air, a certain scent, a loved one’s touch, a smile on a child’s face, time with family and/or friends, a good cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and much more.

What are you grateful for today?

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