Gratitude Practice The Key To Living Well

Thanksgiving is a reminder to express gratitude

Thanksgiving was a reminder to me that life is so fragile and fleeting and gratitude is such an important component to living a fulfilled life. I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people(all family). We were supposed to have 13, but my mother ended up in the hospital with Covid the week before. Thankfully she was released and is recuperating well at home.

Although our mother wasn’t able to join us at the table this Thanksgiving season, my siblings who were visiting, were able to visit her since she was no longer contagious, and that helped lift her spirits.

The name of the holiday ”thanksgiving” says it all. It is a time to gather and give thanks for everyone and everything we appreciate in our lives. It’s essentially a reminder to us all to express gratitude.

So, in the spirit of thanksgiving, and the arrival of December, I am committing to a daily post on gratitude.

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