Week 1 Done of Baron Baptiste 40 Days to Personal Revolution Challenge

I just finished the first week of 40 Days to Personal Revolution program by Baron Baptiste and I am treating myself to a green tea matcha.

I have been on the road one week out of the month since April. Although I loved the traveling my body needed a reboot. I was so stiff from car and airplane rides and my eating habits were not my best.

I did this 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste about 10 years ago and loved it.

I used to do yoga and meditation every morning but got out of the habit, this program is my impetus to get me back on track with my daily yoga practice and meditation.

Here’s how I feel so far after completing my first week:

  • My lower back has loosened up and is less stiff.
  • My eating habits have gotten better. I snack less and I’m eating more whole foods and feel a little lighter.
  • I’m more relaxed thanks to the twice a day meditation.
  • I feel stronger and more limber all over.

What personal goal(s) have you set for yourself lately?

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