Stop Throwing Out Your Used Tea Bags

tea bag photo cred Linda Sanchez Unsplash

tea cups and tea bagThey’re surprising useful. Here are 12 things they can do post-brew.

Source: Stop Throwing Out Your Used Tea Bags

So you have a used tea bag and you want to throw it away? STOP

Came across this article  Stop Throwing Out Your Used Tea Bags on Pocket and thought it was worth sharing to my blog. As a reseller, I’m all about second chances, or in this case second uses. I had no idea you could reuse a tea bag for so many things! There are at least 5 of the 12 items on the list I will definitely try out!

  1. hint of flavor to rice – I love basmati and jasmine rice, so I’m curious how my rice might taste with a little Earl Grey Tea boost?
  2. protecting house plants from fungal disease (I have a plant currently struggling with that!)
  3. De-grease pots and pans – who couldn’t use this one?
  4. Hair -rinse – As a boxed blonde, the camomile is definitely one I will try. Color and high lights fade over time, so I’m hoping this will work.
  5. Clean leather shoes – ATTENTION ALL RESELLERS!

Have you tried any of these additional tea leaves functions? If so, let me know if it worked in the comment section.


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