How to unblock your content creation

phone with social media apps

Are you looking for ways to create ideas for your social media platforms?

If you own a business, or if you are your own brand, you are most likely on some social media platform and you are doing your best to create some kind of content. But we all have moments where we hit a writer’s block and just can’t seem to come up with an idea.

One way to create content is by finding a monthly challenge on Instagram. I follow many accounts in the reseller community and there is always someone who shares a monthly challenge at the beginning of the month.

Below is a challenge that I am currently doing on my Instagram account. Some of the ideas in this challenge are silly but it forces me to create and post daily content that is both relevant to my brand while adding a personal touch. Also, it isn’t mandatory to do the challenge everyday especially if the challenge isn’t relevant to your brand.

Below is the challenge I committed to on Instagram. Another bonus that comes with the challenge is you come across new Instagram accounts and get more followers.

This particular challenge may not apply to your niche, but there is likely one out there. You can do a hashtag search within your industry or even visit Pinterest for some ideas as well.

If you have any additional suggestion on how you curate your social media content, feel free to comment below. Let’s have a discussion.

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