It always comes back to love ❤️ doesn’t it?

Yesterday we celebrated MLK Day. So, I wanted to focus this blog post on LOVE, a recurring theme in Martin Luther King’s speeches. In fact, if you are not familiar with his Love Your Enemies speech, which was actually a sermon written for his congregation, but was also delivered in other localities, I recommend taking a pause from what you are doing to watch it. It is very moving and thought provoking.

I can’t think of a better time to focus our energies on love than now. Tomorrow we inaugurate our 46 President of the United States, Joe Biden, whose message through out the campaign has been about unity. What is the one thing that unifies us? Love. Love unifies us, hate divides us…so why not choose love?

Imagine a world where if everyone started everything from a place of love what our world would be like?⠀

So why not set your intentions today to “love”? Then spend your day in love!

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