Plant-Based Loaded Baked Potato


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Plant-based loaded baked potato recipe

I had a left over baked potato and made this delicious, loaded, plant-based potato for dinner.

It as so quick and easy to make and was quite delicious! Oh, and it was also loaded with nutrients.


Baked potato


  • Steamed frozen broccoli
  • Extra firm tofu (cubed and cooked with broccoli)
  • Dash of Garlic salt
  • Tsp Tuscan Sun Organic Cashew Cheese Spread by The Dairy Free Co.

The potato was already cooked, so that saved time(but you can cook a potato pretty quickly in the microwave)

Preparing the toppings

Cook the frozen broccoli and garlic salt in a sauce pan submerged in water(about 2/3 of the broccoli is in water)
Boil the water and let the broccoli cook to your preferred doneness. Toward the end of the steaming/boiling the broccoli , add in the cubed tofu so it takes on the flavor of the broccoli broth and let it cook for another minute or until the tofu is cooked through

Cut a cross in the baked potato, top it with about 1 tsp of cashew cheese spread and the cooked broccoli and tofu.


Eating plant-based is so easy, inexpensive, tasty, and nutritious. Why not give it a try?

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