Vintage, granny-chic, nautical silk bomber jacket, size medium

Today’s feature at Fab_u on Poshmark

Mureli  Vintage Navy Nautical Bomber Jacket 100% silk
Anchors away in this Mureli vintage, granny-chic 100% silk bomber jacket

Our feature of today is this beautiful, 100% silk Mureli bomber jacket.

It’s pre-loved and has a few minor flaws, but still wearable, and did we mention it’s 100% silk on the outside, which is a rare find these days!


Brand: Mureli
Style: Vintage, granny-chic nautical bomber jacket
Size: Medium
Colors: navy with gold embroidered ship wheels
Materials: Exterior 100% silk/ interior 100% polyester
Additional details: 3/4 length sleeves, elastic waistband, fully lined, zip-front and ship-wheel-detail buttons, 2 front pockets and removable shoulder pads(hence vintage)

Available at fab_u on poshmark

Working toward a sustainable future in fashion by selling gently loved apparel.

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