My summer reads 2020! | via Fantasy Life

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You know how the Law of Attraction says “your thoughts manifest your reality?” Well, coincidence, or not, this blog post by Fantasy Life appeared in my reader feed this morning. I’ll explain. We have been on a clear out and minimize kick lately in our household. Yesterday, my kids and I were going through things to toss or donate and a conversation about books came up as we were adding some(books) to the donate pile. My son mentioned he can’t remember the last time he read fiction. I wonder if he’s not alone, and if he is, that’s sad.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to read both fiction and non-fiction, but fiction is where I go when I want to escape reality. And let’s face it, a dose of reality lately can be a bit daunting.
So, when this post, My Summer Reads 2020 by Fantasy Life popped up this morning in my feed, I felt like I needed to repost it. There are some interesting reads on the list and I can honestly say I haven’t read any of them except for To Kill A Mockingbird and that was many moons ago. But, fear not…I have been reading fiction, thanks to my monthly book club which was put on hiatus for a few months. The most recent book I read from our book club is My Antonia by American writer, Willa Cather. It’s a lovely read, I highly recommend it.

What books are on your bedside table, or in your Kindle, Apple Books or if you are like me and prefer to borrow from the Library, Library app?

Hey, my friends! I am so glad to tell you guys that the lockdown, ebooks and audiobooks got me back in the reading game. I used to buy more books and…

My Summer Reads 2020!

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