My Preloved Outfit of the Day

This outfit was mostly thrifted except for the Louis Vuitton handbag which I borrowed and the belt and boots are from my closet. The entire outfit came in well under $75.

What I love about this outfit, aside from the fact I bought most of the items second hand, is how versatile and comfortable it is. It’s a great travel outfit because all the pieces are made of breathable, soft fabrics. The dress(yes the skirt is actually a dress) is a neutral shade so it goes with almost anything and can be worn multiple times. Just switch out the top and jean shirt with a jean jacket, linen button down blouse, shrug, or wear it solo.

About the outfit:

Studio M Strapless Maxi Dress sourced from a local consignment shop for $5. It so versatile. You can roll down the top of the dress and wear it as a skirt as seen in the picture, or wear it solely as a dress(see picture below).
Karen Scott Red Henley it is a 3/4 sleeved henley sourced off of Poshmark for $2, That’s right, $2. It came in a bundle purchase.
Tassel 22″ Necklace is by Chico’s sourced from a local consignment shop for $10
Large Gold Hoop Earrings – also from a local consignment shop $6
Calvin Klein Oversized Snap Front Jean Shirt(a jean jacket alternative) sourced from a local consignment shop for $8
Leather Belt: sourced from my closet. I think it is considered vintage now because I’ve had it for many years,
Faux Suede Knee High Boots – purchased online several years ago from ModCloth
Louis Vuitton Handbag I borrowed

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of my favorite brick and mortar consignment, thrift and Goodwill shops are currently closed to the public as they are considered nonessential.

So what is one to do if we buy second hand during the pandemic?

Check to see if your favorite store has an Instagram page. Many of them do and are already selling directly from their page. Some even hold live parties where you can reserve items in the comment sections;  or see if they opened an online store on their website. Just like national retailers, the brick and mortar resellers are also being hit hard financially, possibly even more than the retailers, so any support you can offer them is appreciated.

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