When Nature Gives You Rain for 5 Straight Days – Have Fun!

My daughter and I came back from vacationing in St. Petersburg, Florida last week to almost a straight week’s worth of rain. We biked and walked everyday while on vacation and for the first 2 days we were back, I was pretty much a house bound, couch potato. I had had just about enough of my sedentary ways and decided to make the most of it.

When nature givers you rain for 5 straight days, you can either sit around and complain about it, or make the decision to have some fun! Get moving, exploring and pull out that smart phone or camera and start snapping some pictures and silly selfies!

Yesterday, my daughter and I went for a walk in the early afternoon. As we were winding down our walk we decided to step into an adorable cafe/boutique. Shortly after we ordered our drinks and sat down, the rain came back and by the buckets. We were stuck at this lovely establishment for almost 1 1/2 hours just waiting for the rain to subside so we could meet my husband for dinner at a restaurant only 2 blocks away. Suffice it to say, I made some headway with my book and my daughter made it through most of her economics chapter before we were able to meet up with hubby.

We had a nice dinner and a tasty pint of beer. I was feeling the need to walk some more and the sun was back out, so my family and I parted ways and my second walk of the day began.

I got about the halfway mark when the dark skies started coming back. I knew I was pushing my luck, but I kept walking and enjoying the cool summer’s fragrant and floral breeze. By the end of my walk and picture taking, the rain was back and I was soaked, but boy did I have some fun and ended my day with over 5 miles under my belt.

Below are some of the pictures I took. I tried to pick the ones that came out the clearest. I was snapping photos as I was briskly walking, so some of the photos are slightly blurry.

Large red brick home
I love to snap photos of pretty homes while I’m walking just to keep things interesting
House with large porch
Check out the grand porch on this one
Storm coulds above Victorian home
Yikes, rain cloud alert. The rain is coming soon, time to head back to car
But, of course I have to take my chances and keep snapping pictures of pretty structures
Shrub in full bloom
Lovey shrub in full bloom

Image of empty store front

Always wanted to check out this shop, but never went in(it was pricey) now it’s closed
Storm clouds over quaint town
The storms a coming and I still have about .7 miles to my car

Have to take some pictures to share of the quaint town I walk and run in
And stop and smell the flowers

Construction ring

Thought the yellow ring was a fancy bicycle rack…but look closer
Yellow construction caution ring and tape
Upon further inspection it’s a caution tape and construction ring
Talbots is having a 40% off everything, but they are closed at this time
Church clock steeple
Another church steeple. It’s starting to rain and I’m picking up my pace
Female in car with baseball cap and wet hair
Obviously I didn’t make it to the car before the rain came; I look like a drenched rat.
I’m smiling because I had so much fun!
Rain droplets on windshield
Rain on my windshield
Rain on street
Coming down pretty hard now as I head home
Crossing the bridge and saw a barge in the river.

Thanks for walking with me on this rainy, late Spring evening. I realize some of these photos are not the greatest quality but I was trying to be discreet while snapping photos of peoples’ residence. Next time you are looking for something to do, take out your smart phone or camera and start walking the neighborhood snapping photos. You’ll starting seeing things you didn’t realize were there before.

2 responses to “When Nature Gives You Rain for 5 Straight Days – Have Fun!”

  1. I adore rain. What a wonderful pictures you shared for a wonderful place. The hat suites you well and add beauty to your beautiful smile.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How sweet. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have to wear hats now to protect my skin from sun.

      Liked by 1 person

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