Photo journal of my walk today

I live close to a beautiful, Victorian town in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA called Sewickley(a Native American name for Sweet Water, because part of it borders the Ohio River).

I love to do my runs and walks there because I live in a subdivision of a suburb and frankly, as much as I love my house, the township where I live leaves little to be desired, included lack of a central, downtown, walking area. Sewickley on the other hand has a lovely downtown, shopping district and old, historic buildings and Victorian-style homes that date over 100+ years old. I know for some of my readers who live outside of the USA, that isn’t very old, but for those of us who live in the US, it’s old.

Today, I decided to take a stroll instead of a run through Sewickley. I’m taking a mother/daughter trip tomorrow to St. Petersburg, Florida to see my niece in a play and I had some errands to run, so I headed over to Sewickley to visit my cash machines and then take advantage of the beautiful day to go for a walk. While on my walk, I took some pictures with my smart phone, so here is a photo journal of my walk. I hope you enjoy the views.

Fields of purple flowers
Purple fields and blue skies.

Stages of butterflies placard

Stages of butterflies placard in a garden next to an primary school
Lavender-looking flowers
Lavender-looking flowers that attract bees for pollination
Facts about bees and pollination for the bees
Facts about bees for the students and visitors/walkers to read
Author in front of garden
Me taking a walking break to “smell the roses”
A cafe
A dress shop and cafe. It’s quite lovely
Store front window
I love this dress. The shop was closed, so will have to come back another day.
House on a hill with a terrace garden
I love this House on a hill with a terrace garden. I fantasize about living here. Imagine the wonderful garden parties!!
Pagoda in a yard
Check out the pagoda. I want one for my lower-level yard.

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