Oh, the things that you see when you go for a run!

Went for a run today. Look at all the fun and beautiful sights I took in. I had so much fun on this run and felt great when I was done!

Believe it or not, I managed to get in a 3-4 mile run, although obviously it wasn’t my fastest time, but it certainly was one of my most fun runs.

Here are just some of the things that I saw when I went for my run. Next time you are taking a run, stroll, or a jog, have fun, take in your surroundings and use your smart phone for something entertaining and maybe even share-worthy?

Beautiful gardens

Outdoor cafe
Potted flowers at storefront
Potted flowers at storefront
Man walking dogs
Man walking dogs
Waiting at a bus stop
Waiting for the bus
Mother and daughters time
Mother and daughters time
Big Tudor home
One of many beautiful homes
Window shop
Speed window shopping(because remember, I’m running)
Kids riding bikes on sidewalk
Kids on bikes
Retro looking pickup truck
A cool, retro-looking pick up truck
17 year locusts
17 year locusts (there are two, are they mating?)
People crossing a crosswalk
Lots of active people
Shaded street
Church entrance
Beautiful church
Reflection in window
Oh, a reflection of moi, drinking a post-run smoothie. Yummy!

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