Six Vegetables Tofu Salad – No Oil

Check out what I had for dinner last night. We are still at the beach and I’m trying my darnedest to stay on track with my diet.

I made a salad with 6 vegetables and tofu. I was so full afterwards, I had to stretch out on the living room sofa to let my food digest.

I have to admit my salad was very satisfying! I’ve come to love beets. You can get them peeled and vacuum sealed in their own juices. They make a great salad topper. I even at times use the beet juice to dress my salad.


Romaine lettuce
Red peppers
Yellow peppers
Raw cashew pieces
Tofu – Nasoya Tofu Baked Sesame Ginger
Garlic salt
Italian seasoning

All ingredients were raw, except the spinach. It was frozen, so I cooked it in a little water on the stove and served it atop the salad. No oil was added to the salad. It was the perfect meal for a beach setting.

We got in a lot of cycling today. We biked to get our morning coffee, we biked to the beach and we biked to dinner. We probably clocked in 15 miles of cycling today.
I’m feeling pretty good about my eating habits while on vacation. I’ll be weighing myself in a few days. Whatever the scale says, I’ll be okay with it because I have been really focusing on eating only whole foods, so I know my choices have been healthy ones.

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