10 Diet Mistakes You Should Stop Doing – RelaxMaven

Some good weightloss tips via Relax Maven.

Eating in front of the TV is one that I have fallen victim to. My husband and I often unwind after dinner in front of the TV. I know it’s a bad habit and it makes us dumber, but his work days are so long and intense at times, that he wants to just chill in front of the TV and we want to spend time together. I find that I crave more wine when I’m watching TV(this includes streaming accounts too like Netflix, Prime…) I’ve noticed that alcohol consumption is widespread in the media and is glamorized as well. Anyone else pick up on this? Take notice next time you are watching something. But, that’s a subject for another time.

I found the image below on unsplash.com(royalty free images). I can totally relate to that woman, because I love popcorn and that is one of my go-to snacks while watching TV, at least it was until I started The Fast Metabolism diet.

Woman eating popcorn with TV remote in bed
Photo cred: @Jeshoots

10 Diet Mistakes You Should Stop Doing
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