Day 11 on The Fast Metabolism Diet

Today is day 11 on the Fast Metabolism Diet

I’m on week 2, day 2 of Phase 2: High protein, high vegetable, low carbohydrate, and low fat

I have to admit, I find this phase difficult for me because I’m a vegetarian and I feel I have limited options on the protein. That being said, I made it through yesterday(also Phase 2) and lost 2 lbs, which made up for the day before when I had gained a pound.

Last evening I went to dinner with a group of women I’ve know for over 20 years. We meet up about once a month. We raised our kids together, shared our lives, been there through sadness, tragedies and loss. I feel very fortunate to have these women as friends.

Image of women dining out
Photo by Kelsey Chance

I rarely miss a dinner, mainly because I’m the one who coordinates all of them. I almost didn’t go because Phase 2 is so restrictive and I get so hungry during this phase. I managed to stick with my diet, drank a lot of water (I really wanted a glass of wine, but stayed the course)and managed to have a wonderful time)!

I should have taken a picture of my meal. It was basically a plain, 4 oz piece of salmon on a large plate. The meal came with quinoa, but that isn’t allowed on Phase 2, it is allowed on Phase 3(which starts tomorrow), so I had them put it in a doggie bag. Needless to say I was hungry most of the night. When I got home, I had the egg white of a hard boiled egg, drank more water, visited with my daughter who is home for the summer from college and went to bed.

This is what my dinner looked like, minus the hand and arrow.

One of the women at our dinner yesterday, Joetta, said she followed The Fast Metabolism Diet last year because she was having Thyroid issues. Joetta doesn’t need to lose any weight she is petite and slender, but she said after she completed the 28 days and visited her doctor, all her numbers had changed significantly and for the better, including her cholesterol. Her doctor was surprised to see the changes and asked her what she was doing. So, I guess this diet is not only good if you are trying to lose weight, but it is healthy too!

Current weight: 160.6

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