Day 8 of The Fast Metabolism Diet – Be Prepared

Today is Day 8 of the Fast Metabolism Diet

I was doing great and was down 4 lbs. I weighed myself yesterday and seemed to put a pound back on. Not sure what happened other than, could constipation be playing a role? I know TMI, but I stuck to the plan yesterday. I didn’t realize though that there were set portions for each meal depending on how much you want to lose, until my niece informed me of that this past weekend. So perhaps when I was away for Mother’s Day, even though I stuck to the phase I was in, my portions were more than they should have been.

Oh well, no biggie, I’m staying the course! I’m not going to let a small set back throw me off balance. I have my long term goal in sight and I’m headed there!

Prepping for Today’s Menu

I’m working my retail job today, so I have to prep my food while I’m away from home. I am on Phase 2 of the diet – low carb, low fat and lots of vegetables.

Cutting board, chef knife, fennel, portobello, cucumbers, peppers

I opened my fridge and discovered that we are out of eggs. They are my go-to food on this phase, along with tofu, since I’m a vegetarian. My son was visiting for Mother’s Day and is big on eggs in the morning, so I think that’s where they went… fortunately I have egg whites and tofu, so I’m going to have to get creative. I can’t use oil on this phase, so I’m going to cook the cut up portobello mushrooms and peppers in a small amount of water and then pour the egg whites on top. I found that a vegetable broth base works almost like oil to keep things from sticking to the pan…so an egg white veggie omelette/frittata for breakfast and possibly lunch.

Fennel, if it is fresh, is a delicious snack food to cut up and take on the road. It is crunchy, sweet and thirst quenching. I’ll be munching on that when my sweet tooth flares up.

I’m hoping by tomorrow my scale will be down a pound or two. Will keep you posted.

Current weight: 162

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