Successful Weight Loss Tip – Always keep your eyes on your goal

Last night I was invited to go out to dinner with a group of friends to a new restaurant close to my house. They’re known for their wine collection and food pairings. It’s hard to get in, and reservations are almost always necessary.

As appealing as it was, I decided to decline on the offer. The diet that I am following, called The Fast Metabolism Diet, restricts any amount of alcohol for the first 28 days. I explained this to my friend, and she replied they still serve food.

I thought about it, and decided there would be too many temptations and I didn’t want to be subjected to those, so I decided it was best to wait until after I reach my goal and then start joining my friends at the restaurant.

I have to admit I was tempted, but I could play out the scenario in my head and knew, the probability of me caving was still high because I was not quite a full week into the diet. The diet I am following is only 28 days long. I just told myself, it’s just 4 weeks of my life to a better, healthier slimmer me and right now that is more important than having a few drinks and wrong food choices with my friends.

I was sharply focused on my end game and that was what helped me make the decision to decline the offer. I did tell my friend that once I’m past the 28 days, I will join the group(they go every week).

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