Day 5 on The Fast Metabolism Diet

Today is day 5 on The Fast Metabolism Diet

I missed a couple updates on my diet progress, but it has been going well.

The featured image is what I had for breakfast this morning:
sprouted wheat bread(I wish I had toasted it), with nut butter(blend of almond, cashew, pecan and hemp seeds), topped with fresh, organic black berries and organic strawberries. YUMMY!!

Start weight: 164.8

Current weight as of Day 5: 161.4

Yesterday was tough for me. I was on the 2nd day of Phase 2 which is the low-carb, low-fat and veggies phase. Since I’m vegetarian I found this a little harder because the diet recommends cutting out any soy products, this includes tofu. I made the decision to ignore that suggestions and decided to make a tofu dish for lunch and dinner. It was delicious and helped with my hunger.

Tofu dish with mushrooms and broccoli on a bed of arugula

This dish has extra-firm tofu(organic, non-GMO) on a bed of arugula with steamed portobello mushrooms and a drizzle of balsamic glaze vinegar. I also seasoned with garlic salt and a Greek herb blend. It was delicious.

I started incorporating the recommended exercises for each phase and yesterday I did strength training and focused mainly on my arms. I posted an article earlier on arm toning exercises, you can visit that page Get Summer Ready Arms.

I also managed to get in 5 miles of walking. I took a 3 mile walk in the morning and then my daughter and I went shopping for some summer clothes for her and I got in an additional 2 miles. We were out for several hours, but it was a fun mother-daughter moment! I stopped at ALDI between shopping to pick up some grocery items because I’m taking my mother and daughter to Maryland to visit my sisters for Mother’s Day, and I want to be prepared with food options so I don’t blow it on my diet.

Author outdoors wearing a hat
Taking my morning walk. Always wear a hat and sunscreen!

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