Day 2 on the Fast Metabolism Diet

So, I’m on day 2, phase 1 of The Fast Metabolism Diet. I have to admit I got a hungry few times yesterday and allowed myself to snack on 2 plain brown rice cakes around 3pm.

One of the things that is emphasized in this program is the amount of water you drink. For every pound you weight, you should drink half of that in ounces of water. So, I weighed myself this morning and I should be drinking 82 ounces (2.32 liters)of water a day. I realized yesterday I wasn’t staying on top of the water intake. So, later in the evening, after dinner, I drank a few more glasses of water and that seemed to help stave off the hunger.

During phase 1, aerobic exercise such as a brisk 30 minute walk, or jog is recommended. My hubby is off today, so after breakfast, we took a long walk on this beautiful Spring day. After the walk, we hydrated at the local Starbucks where I got a venti, caffeine-free, unsweetened ice tea (no sugar allowed).

Just had my mid-morning fruit snack(phase 1) and am about ready to head off to Ohio to pick up our daughter and move her home for summer break. Yay!! She just completed her Freshman year at university. The drive round trip is about 3 hours. I’m estimating we’ll be away from our home for more like 5 hours, so I need to make sure I have snack food with me that fits into phase one so I don’t slip up. I will probably bring a couple of rice cakes, a piece of fruit(most likely an apple, or some cherry tomatoes, and lost of water).

Current weight: 164lbs
Exercise: 4.7 miles (morning walk with hubby and walking around university campus)

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