Marathon Relay Completed

I’m happy to report that I did my leg of the marathon relay yesterday. It was a long day. I got up at 5 am to be ready for my carpool pickup at 5:45 am. The ride into Pittsburgh was fun. It was the first time I got to meet most of my team members face-to-face. Previously we had only met and chatted via text or on our Facebook group page. Turns out I really like the women who were on my team and carpooling was the perfect time to build up team spirit, get everyone psyched and energized.

We had a good warm up before our run because we had to park far from the event due to road closures. By the time I got to the shuttle service to take me to my exchange, I had walked 2.5 miles.

The weather was chilly, overcast and rained off and on during the marathon event. Of course the heaviest part of the rain was when I was standing waiting for my handoff to begin my leg.

Since I was last, I had a long wait. I actually didn’t start my leg of the relay until around 11:23 am and finished my 4.2 miles at 12:05 pm(10 mile pace, I believe). So, it was a long day.

I passed the time by meditating and doing my breathing exercises. I got a few weird looks, but so what, it helped calm my nerves and prepare me physically and mentally. I also made visits to the facilities since I was staying hydrated.
Image of line to portojohns

This is one of those times when I’m actually happy to see and use these things!!

I have to say I was pleased with my time(10 minute mile pace) because I really only had about 4 weeks to train for the race. I also lucked out on the course I was assigned. Aside from a slight upgrade on my start, I had about 1.5+ miles of downgrade and then it was mostly level. You can be sure I used the downgrade to my advantage to help with my time.

I crossed the finish line right before the timer hit 5 hours. I looked up at the clock and saw it was ready to turn over to the next hour and pushed myself to get our team in under 5 hours.

Author at marathon relay
This isn’t the finish line, I just didn’t have a picture of the finish line to share.

Sure that isn’t a great time and our team as a whole didn’t place well, but we really didn’t have the chance to train and for most of us this was our first relay. The important thing is that we supported each other before, during and after the race and that’s what matters the most. There is already talk that we will repeat this next year.

Post run, I had to walk to my ride home, so by the time I ended my day I had clocked in over 9 miles. Everyone on my team left, so my son, Stefano, my hero met up with me at a fun, hip food gallery called Federal Gallery on the Northside of Pittsburgh. This place has a bar in the center and 4-5 restaurants around it. It’s a cool place where the young, hipsters go, which is why my son knew about it. LOL. Stefano treated me to a couple of beers and I bought the pizza. It was the highlight of my day because I just love that son of mine ❤. Also, he was my ride home 😉

I’m taking today off from running, but I will definitely be out there again tomorrow and will look for another race to enter in the future.

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