My Unhealthy Relationship with Fashion Convinced Me to Go on a Shopping Diet I Went on a Shopping Diet for an Entire Year, and… |

Could you go on a year-long fast from buying clothes? The woman in the InStyle article(link below)did and this what happened.

Hmm…I’m thinking this might be a good thing for me to test out. I’ve cut back on buying new, but still like to shop re-sale. I justify the purchases because they are recycled and ultimately cost less. But just like buying something on sale and justifying it’s okay because it is on sale, I’m still spending money even if it is a resale item. This too adds up and affects my pocket book. So did I just shift my shopping habits so I could keep buying, but with less guilt?

Find out what happened when InStyle’s Eric Wilson took a year-long break from shopping. And find out what Marie Condo thinks about the break.
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