The Difference Between a Vegan Diet and a Plant-Based Diet | Via PureWow

I stopped calling my self vegan because I realized I didn’t always fit the bill. I like to use honey occasionally in my teas, I like eggs, and I have a hard time turning down getting a pizza with my family when we are on vacation or dining out. I will take off as much of the cheese as I possibly can, but I just didn’t completely identify with the Vegan label. So, I started telling people that I follow a plant-based diet.

This shared article The Difference Between a Vegan Diet and Plant-Based Diet(link below) does a pretty good job of describing the difference, although I never eat meat or chicken, but on a very rare occasion I will have a small piece of salmon, and as I mentioned, cheese gets into my diet once in a while.

That being said, I didn’t become a vegetarian 10 years ago out of my love for animals, although I do love animals, I did it mainly for health reasons. But, as I continued to read more about the treatment of animals I felt compelled to eliminate animal products from my diet. My goal is to be as close to a vegan diet as I possibly can. When we are on vacation or when I’m invited to a friend’s house, I don’t worry about it as much and just tell them I’m vegetarian.

Here is the article from PureWow on the difference between the two dietS(plant-based and vegan).

We checked in with the founder of a plant-based meal delivery service to learn once and for all: What’s the difference between plant-based and vegan?
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    1. Thank you that is very kind I appreciate your comments and that you took the time to look at my blog. I will definitely check yours out I already went to the intro page and I like it already.


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