Thrift with Me // how i can afford the fashion blogger lifestyle

Never Thrifted before? This blogger knows some tricks and loves sharing them with her readers.

Absolutely Olivia

ImageTwo-thirds of my closet was purchased at a thrift store.  Surprised?  If you follow my Instagram, you’re probably not shocked, but if you are, well now you know!  My avid thrift shopping is a product of my attempt to be a more conscious shopper (full blog post coming on this topic soon), and not trying to be dramatic or anything, but it has changed my life.  Second-hand shopping has enabled me to establish the unique and funky personal style that I proudly call my own and share with you all.

I’ve had people tell me on more than a few occasions that they “don’t know how to thrift.”  This always hurts my heart because if I’ve come to know and love the treasure of second-hand shopping, then I want you all to know it and love it too!  Per you all’s request, I wrote a Thrifting Tips blog…

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