Motivation For A Healthy Lifestyle

Some good tips for staying the course for a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone tends to feel that January pressure to get back to whatever shape they were in before Christmas came around to tempt us all with endless amounts of chocolates, Christmas dinner, party food and alcohol. I’m no different. I can’t even blame Christmas, since before then I have been lagging behind and failing to keep up to date with maintaining a healthy lifestyle as I have done before. Now I’m not saying I was this incredibly strict, no carbs no calorie junkie. But I liked to keep my meals balanced and try to fit in some exercise each week, even if it was only once or twice. But after having a few (or more) lazy months, I’m really starting to feel the repercussions. So, I need abit of a boost and some motivation to get me started once again. Hopefully, these tips will not only help me but also anyone…

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