This Is Why I Run

This Is Why I Run

I went for a run this morning. It was already 77 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity was in the 80% range, but I missed a few days and my body was screaming “GET OUT THERE AND GET MOVING!! So I did. Boy was I glad I listened to my inner voice, because almost every time I go for a run, I am able to clear my mind of clutter and and open a channel to a higher intelligence.

My mind becomes quiet and all these new thoughts, ideas and answers come flowing in.

For those of you who run, you’ll understand what I”m talking about because I’m sure you have experienced the same thing. Running for me is a form of meditation. You are forced to focus on your breathing and form. You become so focused that you get into a zone. When you hit that zone, everything comes together in harmony and rhythm and that is when the mind clears up and you have access to a higher intelligence.

This is the main reason I run. It cleanses my mind, body and opens my spirit to limitless possibilities.

5 responses to “This Is Why I Run”

  1. I really need to go for a run I think.

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    1. To quote the Nike slogan, which I feel says it all, “Just Do It” ! Don’t think about it-because you might talk yourself out of it. Throw on your gear, hydrate and get outside and start moving. If you are new at running, start out with bursts of walking and running, but just do it! You will feel so much better and your mind, body and soul will thank you! Let me know if you 😉

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      1. Yes, since a few months I wanted to start. So your post was inspiring. I really need to get my ass up! – Even if my lazy dog might hate me for taking her with me.: D Merci

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      2. Haha I’m so glad you felt inspired. Usually my best runs are when I have to force myself to do them. You could always leave your dog at home 😀

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  2. Yes, I think it will be good to force myself and I’m sure I’ll get my head free and unstress a bit with. And my dog will recognize that it’s fun, too. Thanks for this:D

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