Loaded Plant-Based Baked Potato

Image of loaded baked plant-based potato

I’m always looking for plant-based recipes that are healthy, tasty, filling, quick and easy to make,  nutritional; and that my family will eat too.

Loaded plant-based baked potato is one that fits the bill. It has 3 simple ingredients, plus seasoning for added taste: red potato, broccoli and cashew cream(see recipe below).


Here is the recipe:


Loaded Potato: serves 1

Medium-Sized baked red potato
1 c steamed broccoli(cook to the texture you like. I like it somewhat soft for this recipe)
Garlic Salt – to taste

Cashew Cream

1/2 c raw cashew bits or whole(soak in hot water for a minute or two.
1-2 tsp organic apple cider vinegar
1/2 C or less of cold, filtered(if available) water


The Potato

Microwave or bake the potato
steam or boil the broccoli(you can also use frozen broccoli)

Cut a cross in the potato and scoop out some of the potato so there is a hole to fill with the broccoli. Keep the extra potato you scooped out and arrange it on the plate as you like(you still want to eat that because it’s yummy!)

Add additional salt as needed

Cashew Cream

Put first two ingredients in a blender, or in my case, a Bullet, add just enough cold filtered water to barely cover the cashews. You want the liquid to come out thick like heavy cream or sour cream

Blend on high until it is as smooth and creamy.

Pour 1 – 2 Tbls of cashew cream over the top of the stuffed potato. Place the remaining cashew cream in a small container with a lid and refrigerate. It should last a couple days in the fridge. You can use this cream like you would sour cream. It’s good over Mexican food, or a tablespoon or two as a soup topping.

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