Peaceful, mindful walk

The other day, I left my ear buds at home when I took my walk. I am working at staying disconnected from my devices when I don’t have to use them for work. I am noticing and feeling negative effects from spending too much time on my electronic devices.

So, I set out on my walk, on a sunny, spring morning, without my earbuds, and my smart phone set to “vibrate”, and this is what happened.

Image of iPhone and earbuds

I had one of the most wonderful, relaxing and invigorating walks. All my senses were on high alert. The sun was shining brightly. The sky was clear and blue. The flowers and trees were in full bloom and appeared to me as though I was looking at everything through a filtered camera lens with higher saturation levels. I was serenaded by a symphony of singing birds and insects. With each breath, I could smell the sweet, fragrant scents of blossoming plants, trees and flowers.

It was an incredible experience and one that I would have certainly missed out on if I had tuned out with my smart phone.

I came back from my walk feeling more alive and happier than I had in weeks. I’m coming to the conclusion that our devices, are interfering with our living. We miss out on so much when we tune out.

So whenever the chance presents itself, put down your devices and start experiencing all the wonderful, miraculous things this beautiful life has to offer.

Feeling grateful for this wonderful, beautiful gift called life.

Image of smiley face in sand

5 responses to “Peaceful, mindful walk”

  1. Really well written


  2. Thanks for sharing and this is well written… you give off a good vibe that can be felt while reading your post…

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    1. That is so sweet. Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad you could feel the positive vibes I try to incorporate in my posts.

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      1. A Plus Attitude has delivered… you are most welcome… I shall return for more


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