Mama’s gotta seize the moment and exercise

Everyone is off today because of the Memorial holiday. We’ve been lounging all morning long in my household. I’ve been nipping at the bud to get everyone up, out and moving.

It’s so easy to continue lounging, but since I write about motivation, attitude, life style, exercise, weight control and most recently have started adding posts about staying, fit, sexy and hot through menopause and beyond, mamma’s gotta seize the moment whenever she can and exercise.

We decided to load up the bikes on the back of the car and head out for a nice family bike ride.

Bike and car

We rode 20 miles in our beautiful city, Pittsburgh. The trails around the city are mostly paved and off road. So it’s smooth, safe, riding.

Bike and bike trail

We like to make our weekend rides eventful by dining at one of the restaurants along our way. Today we stopped at Rock Bottom. They have awesome burgers, and black bean burgers for us vegetarians. Of course, we can’t pass up one of their in-house-brewed, icy cold beers to wash down our delicious lunch.

Dark and lite beer

Dining al fresco is one of my favorite things to do, even if it’s stinkin hot outside. It’s probably just as well that we did dine outside, because we were a sweaty mess!

Bikes parked outside

Of course, we have to do the celebratory selfie, post workout, just to prove to ourselves how much we enjoyed our exercise outing and to remind us how much fun it is, so we will feel the urge to do it again real soon.

Author selfie

I love it when the family has a healthy, fun event that involves physical activity. Anything for an excuse to get up and get moving.

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