Hot Mama and Hot Flashes

Image of basket with bathing items

Let’s admit it, most of us experience some hot flashes when we go through menopause, some women more than others. I’m one of those lucky ones that rarely gets them, but when I do, I have a trick.

I use essential peppermint oil. Image of essential peppermint oil
Open the bottle and pour a drop or two into the palm of your hands, then with your index finger, dip it into the dropped oil and dab it on the back of your neck.

Even if you aren’t a hot mama with hot flashes, you will still benefit from this trick(men and women), because we all get hot. I’m currently thinking of our vacations in Hilton Head, SC where the heat index in the summer climbs into the 100’s and the humidity is as close to 100% without it raining. I pull out my essential oil and apply a dab or two to the back of my neck. It’s refreshing  and works pretty quickly.

Another trick I have, is I take a cold shower. Yes, you should try that sometime. In fact, I try to take a cold shower everyday. It forces me to be quick(water is precious), it teaches me mindfulness(I have to concentrate on staying calm while under cold water), and it is so invigorating! …side note, when shampooing my hair, I might add a little hot water, but then turn off the hot as soon as the shampooing and conditioning is rinsed.

When I get out of my cold shower, I put some essential oil into the palm of my hand, add my favorite carrier oil or lotion, rub my hands together to mix the two and apply it all over my body. You will start feeling the cool effects of peppermint oil almost immediately.


On hot summer days, after a run or any form of aerobic activity, after a shower(preferably cold), or, if you have hot flashes pretty regularly, invest in a second bottle of essential oils, or an essential oil mist spray, to carry in your purse so you can reapply when needed. Then mama can be “hot” without feeling “hot”.

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