Unexpected Free Time – How would you spend it?

What do you do if you suddenly had unexpected free time in your work day?

This week has been a little slow at the office, so I have been afforded some unexpected, free-time. Most people would jump for joy at this opportunity, but I found myself feeling uneasy. I hadn’t prepared for this and so, I just didn’t know what to do with the free time.

Have to wear a hat whie sitting outside and writing.

I always fantasize about having free-time, so isn’t it ironic that when it presented itself to me, I felt pressured to do something amazing or productive with this allotted time?

My mind, aka, ego, started with all kinds of silly talk.

  • “You don’t deserve this free-time while everyone else is plugging away at the office, or wherever they are plugging away at”;
  • or “be productive and clean the house”;
  • or “go shopping, treat yourself to something nice”(I really don’t need more stuff and that seemed like a waste of my precious unexpected gift of free time)

My mind kept racing with all kinds of ideas of what I should be doing and what I wanted to do. Some of the things that cropped up in my mind that I wanted to do were

  • See if my friends Cindy and Eva are available for lunch,
  • Visit my mother
  • Do a photo shoot somewhere(just couldn’t think of where to go or what to photograph)

The more I struggled to come up with a plan or an idea, the more frustrated and anxious I got. As this internal dialogue continued, I also found myself getting somewhat depressed. Finally a voice in me said “That’s it, stop this! You are always wishing for more “free time” so, what is it that you really want to do? Don’t worry about whether it is productive, fun, educational, or career boosting, what do you want to do?” Then the answer came to me. “I want to sit out on my front porch, enjoy the beautiful, Spring weather we are having and write in my blog”.

Image of writer’s blogging corner
My writing corner on my front porch

So, that is what I decided to do with my “free time” I’m so glad I did. I managed to write 3 posts all while relaxing, sipping on iced coffee and enjoying the weather. It was wonderful and I feel great!

I am truly grateful for the free time that was awarded to me today! The next time it comes along, I will embrace it and do whatever my heart tells me to do.

I’m curious readers, what would you do, if you were allotted a few hours of free time in your work week?

Please tell me in the comment section. I truly would love to hear from you!! Hint, hint.

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