No Cook – Healthy PB, Apple and Rice Cake

I’m having one of those “I don’t feel like cooking” kinda moments, probably because I have some free-time and am making use of it by blogging. When this happens, I still try to make mindful, healthy decisions; although, I’m human and do stray sometimes.

One of my favorite, snacks or light meals, is a no-cook, healthy, peanut butter, apple rice cake.

It is so quick and easy to make and healthy. If you have kids, they will most likely love this as well.

IMAGE OF ingredients in PB, apple and rice cake recipe

All you need are three (3) ingredients, four(4) if you add the optional chocolate chips

  • 1 T All- natural peanut butter
  • 1 apple of choice, I used Fuji, because that is my daughter’s favorite
  • 1 brown rice cake
  • 1 t chocolate chips, or dairy-free chocolate chips(for vegans), if you want to make it more like a dessert or treat

I could tell you how to prepare this delicious snack, but I think you’re smart and you’ll figure it out (wink wink). Also, I included pictures, which I always find helpful when preparing a dish.

Image of preparing the rice cake with Pb, apple, and chocolate chips

Serve it up with your favorite beverage. I love this with a delicious cup of my favorite coffee; but for today, I’m having it with Earl-Grey Tea. YUMMY!!

This should come with a warning: have a napkin handy, these things can get messy.

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