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Menopause Hot

Menopause HOT – because you can be hot, sexy, fit and vibrant even if you are having hot flashes.

Yes, I’m intentionally using “hot” as a play on words. “Hot” as in “hot flashes”, but for the purpose of my blog, “hot” as in “hot, sexy, fit and vibrant”.

I’m female, and 57 as of the writing of this blog, and menopausal, as are many of my friends and family members. I have decided to use my A Plus Attitudes blog to feature articles and videos on menopause, but in a positive, empowering and inspiring manner.

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This is also a way for me to journal my successes and failures as I attempt to prove to myself and others that you can be “hot” and be menopausal.

I refuse to accept the notion that once a female enters into the menopause phase of her life, or as I sometimes refer to as (the Big “M”), she is destined to certain inevitable and stereotypical symptoms:

From Accepted Norms or Truths…

  1. hot flashes
  2. weight gain
  3. dryness
  4. thickening around the mid-section
  5. un-wanted facial hair
  6. all-over flabbiness
  7. and mor

But does it have to be that way? Do we have to gain weight and get flabby? Or, do we have control over any of the symptoms? I’d like to think we do, so that is why I am starting this Menopause HOT blog. I want to prove to myself and others, that I don’t have to gain weight or get thick in the middle just because I’m in the big M phase of my life.

…To Myth Busters

  1. hot flashes – yeah, for some you win, and for others, you lose – but we’ll research our options
  2. weight gain – is that really just a big “M” issue?
  3. dryness(women you know what I’m talking about, and there are ways around it)
  4. thickening around the mid-section(see 1 and 6 and maybe cut back on the wine or beer)
  5. un-wanted facial hair?(hmm, you’re  not alone and there are many things on the market for this)
  6. all-over flabbiness – ever heard of strength training?

This is a place where we can motivate and encourage each other.

So, please follow along with me on this new phase of my life…
Feel free to comment and share your own personal experiences, tips and/or expertise on this subject matter. This is still in its infancy and I welcome feedback from all genders and ages because even if this subject matter doesn’t affect you as a person, you probably know someone it does.


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