Thankful for Shelter

It’s a balmy 0 degrees at 6:57 am. I am sitting in the dark in my living room(the rest of the family is still sleeping due to school closure resulting from inclement weather) in my cozy, warm chair. I am surrounded by pillows and throws while writing this post. I couldn’t help but think how thankful I am to have warm, shelter on such a frigid day.

I saved a screen shot of the weather report this morning in my area. The first thing you’ll notice is the bright, bold, red section that reads “Hazardous Weather Conditions”.

I’m also getting over a head cold, so I’m extra grateful for the comforts of my home. I can’t imagine not having a warm, safe place to go to everyday, but there are people out there who are homeless. I wish I/we could solve the homeless problem. I don’t understand why there are so few who have so much and so many who have so few.

So, today I am focusing my gratitude on how damn lucky I am to be in a warm, cozy shelter. Stay warm fellow bloggers and if you have the opportunity to reach out to someone in need, why not give it a try? Buy someone a warm cup of coffee or soup. I read an article recently that people are zipping and buttoning winter coats around lamp posts and trees for the homeless, so there is that too. Or, you could donate your money and or time to help someone in need. Here are a few ideas: food shelters, women’s centers, homeless shelters, Salvation Army, Red Cross…and the list goes on.

Signing off today with much gratitude for shelter!

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