Ring In 2018 With Attitude Adjustment and Gratitude Practice

Did you already make a list of your 2018 goals? That’s great, you beat me to it, congratulations. Do you find that you complete most of those goals on your list by the end of the year? If you do, congratulations again. For those of you who struggle with meeting or completing your goals, perhaps you’re focusing on the wrong things. Or perhaps it is where your focus is that keeps you from reaching those goals.

You Need An Attitude Adjustment and Gratitude Practice.

What you are feeling now attracts what will come tomorrow.

So ask yourself daily, “What am I feeling today?”

Focus on your feelings through out the day. If you have to in the beginning, set a timer, if you have to, to go off several times a day to practice being mindful of what you are feeling.

If your focus is anger, you will most likely attract angry people throughout your day and in your life.

If your focus is forgiveness, you will have more joy and probably more joyful people in your life.

A focus on lack of money, food…will bring about a sense of never having enough or being satisfied. Instead, shift your focus to abundance and prosperity, and abundance and prosperity will come to you.

Make this a part of your daily routine. Set your tone for how your day is going to go by focusing on how you are feeling. If you realize you are in a negative way, it’s time to shift your focus.

A really good way to shift your focus is to practice gratitude. Start listing all the things you are grateful for. List as many as you can, or find one gratitude that really sticks out that you never really thought about before and focus on that. Before you know it, you will be feeling really good.

My always go to gratitude for when nothing comes to my mind and I feel like I’m being rushed is “breath”. I am always grateful for breath because without it, we would not be here. Breath sustains life.

So, since we just entered 2018, why not begin fresh by starting this simple practice of being mindful of your feelings and gratitude.

Wishing you a happy, joyful, prosperous, peaceful, loving 2018. May you attract all the good that you desire.

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