Paraplegic Hand Cyclist To Beat 24-Hour Cycling Record

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Hand Cyclist To Beat 24-Hour Record In Borrego Springs

If you want to feel inspired, check out this 20 minute short film called Attila’s Next Step. In 1993 Attila had a falling accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. On the same day as his accident he, his brother and their band were awarded a major record signing contract. As you can probably guess, the contract fell through.

Fast forward to present day, 2017 and Attila has a full plate. He is still writing and recording music, and this Nov 3 and 4,  he will be competing for the 24-hour world record for hand cycling at Borrego Springs, CA.

Image of Attila in his wheel chair
Check out the guns on this man. He can average about 20 mph with those powerful arms.

Attila is still trying to raise money for his upcoming race and also for a documentary about his life called “Attila’s Next Step“. He wants to get his message to those with disabilities that you can have accomplishments in life. However, his message is much broader, it’s a message about not giving up and that applies to everyone.

If you are able or interested in making a donation, there is a link to his fundraiser below the YouTube video. Or you can you can go directly to Attila’s GoFundMe Page.

Please share on your social media too. Attila has big dreams. 

My next step is no longer about me– it’s about the community that has risen up to encourage, challenge, and care for me. Anything, even a share on social media, helps.

Hamil, Sean D. (2017). Pittsburgh hand cyclist Attila Domos has big ideas, starting with a 24-hour world record. Retrieved from

If you want to learn more about Attila Domos, here are a few more links:

Attila’s Facebook Page
Article From thePittsburgh Post Gazette: Pittsburgh hand cyclist Attila Domos has big ideas, starting with a 24-hour world record
Attila’s Website:

Don’t forget to share on all social media, please.

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