Don’t Over Think, Just Do It!

Don’t Over Think, Just Do It!



So often we over think something we want to do to the point where we talk ourselves out of it. That’s why I love the Nike slogan, “Just Do It!”. It is simple, but good advice. I apply that to my exercise routine because it is guaranteed to get me up off my butt and out the door. I decide the night before if I am going to go running. I layout my clothes and shoes so that when I get up in the morning, I am reminded that I want to run. I won’t have to to look around for my gear and talk myself out of going.

This morning was a perfect example; I got up, threw on my running clothes. Dropped my daughter off at school and headed into the small town where I like to run. As I was driving across the bridge into the town, it started to rain. Since I was already dressed for my run and was en route to my course, I had committed my mind to running. The rain didn’t stop me from accomplishing my goal because my mind was already set and ready for my run. BTW, I had a fabulous run and the rain felt refreshing.

You can apply this slogan to other areas in your life as well. Think of all the things you put off or second guess because you are afraid of failure or just afraid of the unknown. Next time life presents you with an opportunity you’re not sure about, but think you would like to try, JUST DO IT! Don’t over think it, you’ll talk yourself out of it. Just imagine all the wonderful things you could be doing if you just jumped in and gave it a try.

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