painted toes pool side

Wear the damn swimsuit – Baby on the Brehm

I’m sharing this post from Baby On The Brehm, because I think this message is something we need to be reminded to do on a regular basis. 

Stop putting off things you want to try, are afraid to try or are saving for later; do it now! You never know how much time you have on this beautiful earth.

“So don’t just wear the swimsuit. In fact, if swimming isn’t your thing then…

Eat the donut. 

Dance when there’s no dance floor. 

Sing like you’re on the Voice. In the shower. In your car. On the stage. 

Take an evening jog when the sun is just starting to set and the chill of the night is mixing with the warmth of the day. 

Tell someone thank you. Call someone. And say… thank you. “

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