DIY Cashew Milk

When you realize you are out of Soy Milk,
make Cashew Milk.

I make my husband and I a mocha every morning. I usually make it with half soy milk and half almond milk. See my Vegan Mocha Recipe, substitute soy with the DIY cashew milk.


I got up this morning and realized that we were completely out of soy and had barely enough almond milk to make two mochas. I remembered that I had raw cashew bits in my fridge…light bulb moment…why don’t I make cashew milk?

It was very easy and quick. You need two ingredients and a strong blender or smoothie maker and a sieve of some sort to prepare it.

The great thing about cashew milk is it is naturally sweet and very creamy.


1/2 c raw cashews
1.5 cups water


Put ingredients in a blender, or in my case, a Bullet and blend on high until it is as smooth and creamy as milk. Pour through a sieve of some sort(I used a tea strainer).


Cashew milk can last about 3-4 days in your refrigerator.

Add as a creamer to your favorite hot or iced beverage, use in a smoothie,  or pour over cereal and best of all ENJOY!

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