Inspired by Healthy Life Perspectives To Share My Performance

I was inspired by Healthy Life Perspectives Blog PostWhy You Shouldn’t Let it Be” to share a recording of a piece I performed in my first vocal recital after many years.

One of the areas I have been working on in my life is pushing beyond my comfort zone. I always loved singing and actually started out as a vocal major in college, but I went through a period where I really questioned my talent. Now that I’m older, I am learning to care less about what others think and to just push myself to do the things I love doing.

My vocal instructor always starts out the recitals with a prayer thanking God for our talents and reminds us that we were blessed with a gift that we should be proud of and share.

So, I’m putting myself out on a limb and sharing this vocal performance by none other than yours truly.

I’m performing a piece called Tell Me O Blue Blue Sky, by Vittorio Giovanni. It’s a song about a tormented lover who lost her love and doesn’t understand why. I think most of us can relate to that.

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