Be Open To Love – A Theme At Randy Land


This is a theme that seems to repeat itself at Randy Land, and what a beautiful theme around which to build a magical play place. Randy Land, is a garden that belongs to a resident of the North Side in Pittsburgh, PA to a man appropriately named “Randy”.  He opens his garden to the public to visit, enjoy, reflect, relax, play… It’s a magical, whimsical play place for all ages.

Everyone Is Welcome At Randy Land – Love Theme Repeated

My kids and I went there over Memorial Weekend. We visited the Matress Factory Museum which is just a couple blocks away from Randy Land.

Of Course You Are Welcome – It Says So In Multiple Languages

It is hard to describe Randy Land. You have to visit it to get the full experience, but I am sharing some photos I took with my iPhone just to give you a glimpse into this happy, fun place.

Me Surrounded By Color & Feeling Happy

If you are ever in Pittsburgh and have the time, make sure you save a few extra minutes to visit Randy Land. It is the perfect place for children of all ages and it’s free. Although, if you want to contribute or leave with a souvenir, Randy has some fabulous items you can purchase…all on the honor system. Just place your money in the box located next to the entrance of his small shop.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
A Wall Of Reflections…

You never know, you might actually have the oppurtunity to meet Randy in person. He makes appearances. We happened to see him fraternizing with his guests on our way to the Matress Factory Museum. Unfortunately when we visited Randy’s Place after our museum trip, Randy was gone, but his life -size poster greets you at the entrance.

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